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      CsBlackDemons - Selling ZMOUT/ZP 6.2   02/05/2018

        Recommended due to the high level of professional development and configuration, designed to create a luxurious atmosphere of the most played game in the world, we help lovers zombie mode and offer for sale Addons Zombie Plague Zmout / 6.2 Servers witch are using these addons: - ZmHardNight.CsBlackDemons.Com - ZP 6.2 Prices: ZP OUTSTANDING- 20 EURO   Pakistani  3000 Rupees ZP 6.2 - 70 EURO   Pakistani  10000 Rupees Payment can also be paid by installments. For purchases and more information about this addons contact us: Facebook: ejazalbalushi125 Or contact another administrator from CSBDS via PM!
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      VIP ACCOUNT (Upgrade your account)   02/19/2018

      ✫ - Specific V.I.P Icon on TeamSpeak3 (Acces : talk power, offline messages, Kick From channel Power) ✫ - Specific V.I.P Grade on CsBlackDemons Forum (Acces : Delete / edit / Move own Post) ✫ - Avatar File Max Size : 250x250 ✫ - Private V.I.P Channel in Teamspeak 3  ✫ - Acces to Edit your own Topic's Title  ✫ - Acces to enter any Channel Without Password Requirement  ✫ - Allowance to give your opinion to Admin Requests    Standard :  3 Euros - 1 Month    Silver : 7 Euros - 3 Months    Gold : 30 Euros - 6 Months    Demon : 50 - Euros - 1 Year    Platinium : 200 -Euros -All Life Attention To All V.I.P Members ! - The use of Talk Power / offline Message to annoy others is prohibited ! - The Use Of Kick from channel, is allowed ONLYwhen/if a teamspeak3 user is breaking any of the forum rules in your channel - Delete and Move Options can Be used only For the objective of Reparing A Mistake  If you Fail to comply with these Rules & The forum Rules, you may Lose your V.I.P !   Donations Can Be made To CSBDS Founders :  Ejaz CSBDS or sheryar_founder  Payment Methods : Paypal / Paysafe PD: donations can be very helpful because with that we can send good maintenance in the community and bring new things for all users.

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