Community development

One category that is based on developing and maintaining community.


  1. Request DNS

    Benefits you get from affiliation:

    • DNS
    • Forum category + Full edit + Customers grade


    • Comply with the general forum rules
    • Offer csblackdemons  exclusivity throughout affiliations and do not support another community through us
    • Servers that will have hostname and commercials dedicated to other communities will be instantly removed/banned
    • The server owner has the obligation to add his own server to CSBDS Clan on GameTracker.
    • Repeated affiliations and de-affiliations of the same server within a short period of time will be penalized by restricting a future affiliation and banning the owner.

    Request model:

    • Game:
    • Name:
    • Slots number:
    • IP Address + Port:
    • Game mod:
    • GameTracker Link:
    • Owner contact, administrator ( Y!M, Skype, Steam ):
    • Hosting company's name:
    • Server Description ( Optional ):

    NOTE :  oping servers can be accepted regardless of the number of players/avarage.

    Servers belonging to hosting companies other than those listed above can be affiliated with our community if they meet the following requirements:

    - Zombie mods -8 ( Minimum average)

    - Another mods - 0 average

  2. Wanna buy server?

    we are offeringCounter Strike 1.6Servers


    • GamePanel with advanced options
    • Acces FTP and FIleManager
    • Unlimited storage space for resources
    • Linux operating system
    • Option to choose IP:  185XXXXXXXXX/ 145XXXXXXXXX / 89XXXXXXXXX
    • Free Classic /  ZP 6.2 Addons

    Besides these, you also have:

    • Technical assistance
    • Daily backup to the server
    • Sv_downloadurl function to download your resources
    • DNS X.CsBlackDemons.Com
    • Own category for your server with full moderation rights
    • Posibilitatea de a va afilia in orice alta comunitate
    • Possibility to affiliate your server in any other community

    Follow Model Request to Create a new Post 

    Test Panel

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