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      CsBlackDemons - Selling ZMOUT/ZP 6.2   02/05/2018

        Recommended due to the high level of professional development and configuration, designed to create a luxurious atmosphere of the most played game in the world, we help lovers zombie mode and offer for sale Addons Zombie Plague Zmout / 6.2 Servers witch are using these addons: - ZmHardNight.CsBlackDemons.Com - ZP 6.2 Prices: ZP OUTSTANDING- 20 EURO   Pakistani  3000 Rupees ZP 6.2 - 70 EURO   Pakistani  10000 Rupees Payment can also be paid by installments. For purchases and more information about this addons contact us: Facebook: ejazalbalushi125 Or contact another administrator from CSBDS via PM!
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      VIP ACCOUNT (Upgrade your account)   02/19/2018

      ✫ - Specific V.I.P Icon on TeamSpeak3 (Acces : talk power, offline messages, Kick From channel Power) ✫ - Specific V.I.P Grade on CsBlackDemons Forum (Acces : Delete / edit / Move own Post) ✫ - Avatar File Max Size : 250x250 ✫ - Private V.I.P Channel in Teamspeak 3  ✫ - Acces to Edit your own Topic's Title  ✫ - Acces to enter any Channel Without Password Requirement  ✫ - Allowance to give your opinion to Admin Requests    Standard :  3 Euros - 1 Month    Silver : 7 Euros - 3 Months    Gold : 30 Euros - 6 Months    Demon : 50 - Euros - 1 Year    Platinium : 200 -Euros -All Life Attention To All V.I.P Members ! - The use of Talk Power / offline Message to annoy others is prohibited ! - The Use Of Kick from channel, is allowed ONLYwhen/if a teamspeak3 user is breaking any of the forum rules in your channel - Delete and Move Options can Be used only For the objective of Reparing A Mistake  If you Fail to comply with these Rules & The forum Rules, you may Lose your V.I.P !   Donations Can Be made To CSBDS Founders :  Ejaz CSBDS or sheryar_founder  Payment Methods : Paypal / Paysafe PD: donations can be very helpful because with that we can send good maintenance in the community and bring new things for all users.
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      WWW.CSBLACKDEMONS.COM || RULES [EN]   02/26/2018

      Username / profile / avatar / signature
        The username / Display name should not contain bad or Racist words. It must be different from the persons who belong to the staff team on the forums. The Avatar/Signature must not contain pornographic pictures/racist meaning or to be related to cruelty to humans/animals. Prohibited are also images of the type 'NSFW "(not safe for work) because among us there are also members who visit us from work or public spaces in this category generally are ment adult pictures 18+. The signature must contain only two pictures because the signature is not a gallery of pictures or wallpapers. (if you put more than 2, you will be warned by Global Moderators team with two warning points). It is forbidden to attach video clips in the signature. The registration of several accounts will be punished by suspend on all accounts and permanent ban on the main account. Opening a new topic (thread) Make sure you are in the right category before opening a new topic. Use 'Search' before opening a topic as there may already be a topic containing the same subject. Give a suggestive title to the opened topic to receive quickly answer (if you doesn't do this, you will be warned by Global Moderators team with two warning points for Spam) .   Example: If you have trouble changing your avatar, do not set a title like: "problem" set a title like: "problem with avatar change" so when an Administrator/Global Moderator/Moderator search for keywords like "problem", "avatar", "change" can find your Topic faster and help you.   Language Using vulgar language itself bring a permanent ban on your account. We do not tolerate the insulting brought to registered forum members in the community regardless of the spoken language, Challenges of verbal fight is also punished with the temporary or permanent ban depending from each case. Insults with racist remarks is punished with permanent suspension. These sanctions are applied as well in private messages (PM) on the forum. The inadequate language represents the partial censoring of swearwords. The main language of forum is English, So, When you want to open a topic, you must open it with this langue. Posting rules Off-topic/post-hunt/spam Off-topic post is not related to the subject of the topic, This kind of post is not allowed. Post-hunt refers to the posts that have the base on their amount and not on the meaning, Posts that contain a non-sense text or generic answers is considered post-hunt.   Example: "hello" "hard" "beautiful" "cool" "good job" "nice"
      "generic" answer means: statements that are not real or have no connection with the subject, example: "I love the game, I played it, it was cool" this response can be considered "generic" because it is not a developed response or the user is unconscious about the subject.    If the rules have been broken in a post, those who will claim with a text "closed and warn", "Ban  bann" will be sanctioned for the post-hunt. For reports/announcements use the report command below the avatar you wish to report.  Spam defines the excessive posting in a certain category with unnecessary topics/posts or same subject/answer.  Double-post The double-post is not allowed, use the edit button. It is not considered double-posting if the two posts were made at an interval higher than 24 hours.  It is not considered double-posting if the posting time is one made after a few seconds as this may be the cause of a connection conflict that leads to a quick double-posting. Use of excessive/misuse of colors/smiley/fontsize is prohibited. Colors, fontsize are used to emphasize an idea, a fragment of a sentence not to "paint" every post/topic. Piracy (warez)
        It's forbidden to open any topic about piracy (warez). The following topics will lead to permanent suspension without appeal right:
      Instructions, discussions and links how a pirated software runs, crack sites are also included.
      Request or publication serial numbers or cracks.
      Request or publication  of DLCs.
      Request or publication of trackers. (torrent sources).
      Download link of some applications over which you have no copyright. (with exception of official websites who allow free software released / created by them).   Various advertising of private servers or statements that support the free private.   Example: statements like, let's play "free" on www.example.com than playing on the official with monthly fee.   Advertising / Spam
        Advertising refers to the presentation of a website in order to attract more visitors. Any post, signature, avatar or private message from this type will result in permanent suspension of the member. It is not considered advertising the referring to websites with informative purposes.   Example: Join the best community www.csbds.com which is the best community in the world! Example: Click here to win a iphone, Make money online by clicking here.
        Use the report in the cases someone is breaking the rules or if you consider a case of injustice. Noncompliance leads to ignoring the problem and not solving it. Reports are not private messages to the administrative team, do not use the report function if you do not really encounter a problem.   Rules for each section
        Some sections of the forum are governed by separately local rules. We recommend the careful reading of the rules to ensure that you will not be sanctioned.   Rules for managers of servers

       Using the terms of Zombie Plague 6.0/ 6.2 / 6.2 UltimateX, 6.3, 6.4, 6.xxx in DNS or categories name is forbidden,  except if the Addons running on that server are original from CsBlackDemons.


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    Server Sold By @B.O.S.S Topic Closed
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    Name: ZmHardNight.CsBlackDemons.Com [Zombie Plague 6.2] Address: Port: 27015 Game Server Rank: 1490th Current Players: 25/ 32 Average (past month): 10 Host price: 24 euro Monthly pay :15 euro
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    Respect The Model Here : T/C.
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    https://ufc223i.ca https://ufc223i.ca UFC 223 UFC 223 UFC 223 Live UFC 223 Live Stream UFC 223 Live Online UFC 223 Live Fight UFC 223 Live PPV 223 UFC Fight 223 UFC Live 223 UFC Fight Live UFC 223 Live Fight UFC 223 Fight Watch 223 Live https://ufc223i.ca/live https://ufc223i.ca/live UFC 223 UFC 223 UFC 223 Live UFC 223 Live Stream UFC 223 Live Online UFC 223 Live Fight UFC 223 Live PPV 223 UFC Fight 223 UFC Live 223 UFC Fight Live https://livehd.ca/ufc223live https://livehd.ca/ufc223live UFC 223 UFC 223 UFC 223 Live UFC 223 Live Stream UFC 223 Live Online UFC 223 Live Fight UFC 223 Live PPV 223 UFC Fight 223 UFC Live 223 UFC Fight Live UFC 223 Live Fight UFC 223 Fight https://livevsfox.ca/ufc223fight https://livevsfox.ca/ufc223fight UFC 223 UFC 223 UFC 223 Live UFC 223 Live Stream UFC 223 Live Online UFC 223 Live Fight UFC 223 Live PPV 223 UFC Fight 223 UFC Live 223 UFC Fight Live UFC 223 Live Fight UFC 223 Fight Watch 223 Live Watch 223 Live Watch 223 Live Fight https://livevsi.ca/khabibvsiaquinta https://livevsi.ca/khabibvsiaquinta Khabib vs Iaquinta Khabib vs Iaquinta Live Khabib vs Iaquinta Live Stream Khabib vs Iaquinta Live Fight Khabib vs Iaquinta Live PPV Khabib vs Iaquinta Fight Watch Khabib vs Iaquinta Watch Khabib vs Iaquinta Live UFC 223
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    For all members of staff All Members have bad activity so need contact with @Defend- CSBDS for the members of staff dont have good activity is remove/Downgrade you rank so new members need help and nobody help this for that need all members staff make good activity Administrators... @Defend- CSBDS @sheryar_founder @SK - CSBDS Global Moderators... @# R K O @wOwbleZ CSBDS™ @Crystal @P E N N Y #wise Moderators... @Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili @P I X O U @CaNsPiRe Designers... @CR7 @skuuZa
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    Hi, How come I can't watch YouTube videos in my iPad, it keeps on loading and loading, yet I can watch videos perfectly on my laptop and on my iPhone. Why can't I watch videos on my iPad? Do I need to update the latest iOS? Or what else? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- http://www.tomsguide.com/answers/id-2865896/youtube-video-loading.html Promotional video service Thanks
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    Hello, I have just purchased a playstation 4 pro and downloaded Overwatch Origins Edition multiple times and keep having the same issue. Every time it downloads I am able to enter the game but none of the characters on the home screen load, none of the characters in the hero gallery load and I get stuck in the loading screen when entering games. I played with someone in a group and they were able to enter the games while I wasn't and we play right next to each other in the same house (our systems and TVs are side by side) we've played like this for about a year now so I don;t think it's our internet. I even tried entering the training mode and the game doesn't load the training center. I have tried deleting the game, restarting the system, and downloading the game again multiple times. I put boost game mode on, but that didn't effect anything. I don't get any notification that my data is corrupt when I download the game and I really don't know what to do short of restarting the system. I am in the middle of having another game installed (it is already downloaded but it is installing) other than that I don't know what to do? Please help. I didn't find the right solution from the Internet. References:- https://us.battle.net/forums/en/overwatch/topic/20759587022 Promotional video company Thanks
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    Before editing a channel you have to ask permission from a global moderator or administrator next will be suspended T/C
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    Congrats for Global Moderator and don't say this word I don't Acitiv on here Grade and @Defend- CSBDS good job nice grade to RKO and I think you not see my acitiviy on here http://csblackdemons.com/forums/index.php?/forum/74-tutorials/
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    Hello dude some no have many and we need to give members free Profile song for like froum.
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    Your Name: #I'm Here (#Th3_Demon!) The author: @#B~O~Y~K~A Works: I hope you like it friend
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    ACCEPTED AS Sami-Elder Send me nick pw tag Make ACtivity
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