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  1. sheryar can u give me V.I.b

  2. Hello Man ......

    you are Nice And 

    Best Founder and here Administrators 

  3. Creatos , Come to TS3 !

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    2. Creatos


      see ? now this is what i'm talking about . seriousity is a joke here . you tell me to come ts3 , i text you , you don't respond and i wait hours in a row for a response and you don't even flinch to give a seen at least. that's lack of interest at its finest .. contact me on facebook once you learn how to appreciate good work of others and if you decide to start something , take care of it and work on it. don't be spoiled. thanks.

    3. Good[L]ock ♛
    4. ✘♣H@RDY♣™ ✘

      ✘♣H@RDY♣™ ✘

      @sheryar_founder it s time for gave me csbd panel user + pass 

      and gave me adminstrator

  4. Hello sheryar,

    I have a just a one question. Where are you from?

  5. Sheryar Give me  VIP  @csblackdemons