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  1. Welcome guy... Enjoy
  2. Welcome enjoy your stay T/C
  3. Welcome dude, Enjoy T/C
  4. Welcome enjoy T/C
  5. welcome to black demons enjoy your stay T/C
  6. I want a new rank :( 

    1. ✘♣H@RDY♣™ ✘

      ✘♣H@RDY♣™ ✘

      dount request or asked of up or removed >:(

    2. wOwbleZ CSBDS™

      wOwbleZ CSBDS™

      What ? shhhh 

  7. This community has to be unique, it does not have to be exactly like Black Devil is. you have to have new and fresh ideas and not copy anyone's ideas Rejected / Proposal
  8. Thanks for your work, you can give something better T/C
  9. I want a more active staff, bring your friends to help this family grow and make this community the best, to all the staff of Administrators, Global Moderators and Moderators. Happy day.

    1. Fready


      Hey man me only here acitiv and any others Staff member no aciviti so I think you can see other Staff activity good luck my friend

    2. ✘♣H@RDY♣™ ✘

      ✘♣H@RDY♣™ ✘

      >:( you dount know nathing of rules you just gave warning 

      you only get Moderatorto

      just for we need STAFF Thats one 

      but Me I Get UP from GFX Desinge  to CO-Leader + GFX Desinge  then Moderator + Leader to Global-Moderator + DJ + Leader + or Support Forum + Costomers only technical + CO-Adminstrator Forum + Adminstrator TS3 + Leader Dj

  10. Thanks for your effort, keep it up
  11. Welcome  team MODERATORS ;) 

  12. Welcome to the new members of CSBDS Black Demons ;)