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  1. The user Fready got warned on 06/22/2017 04:37 By. Defend- CSBDS Reason: Say Bad words Note for member: Topic considered: Warn issued via In Status Punishment: - Points: Banned (will never expire)
  2. Topic Closed Server will be delete
  3. Topic Closed Servee Will be Delete
  4. I make this proposal to add in profile Demon's Coins buz Who will member get 3 Demons Coins to Promote To Moderator buz wee need good staff here Good luck Have a Nice Day STAFF CSBDS
  5. Gift for Members for Effects
  6. Congrats for Global Moderator and don't say this word I don't Acitiv on here Grade and @Defend- CSBDS good job nice grade to RKO and I think you not see my acitiviy on here

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    2. # R K O

      # R K O

      we will see dude

      we will remove who no activity 

    3. Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili

      Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili

      Come in ts3 I need u

    4. Crystal


      Who cares activity?? BE SERIOUS!

  7. Thx for your time but Defend is busy T/C
  8. He was a Moderator In Ts3 u know
  9. Name applicant: Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili complained Name: @#Drennn. reason for complaint: he was edit channel in ts3 Time / date: 08/03/2018 Proof (OBLIGATORY):
  10. Nick: Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili Your proposal: Here Make to only Staff member to allowed to make Profile song how this proposal will help the community: staff not Agree to Member take Profile song only staff make this pictures(if the proposal require): :---
  11. Yes I am also in Music Channel RKO and CR7 fight to work to anything I well said to RKO and CR7 to stop fight and wait for @Defend- CSBDS reply
  12. Hello dear staff and Members Here I make this topic to 1 STAFF Member well be have a Birthday To Birthday boy name @CR7 Wish you the best
  13. Rejected he was pm me for ask me Co-owner or Owner next time be care full and Follow the Model