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  9. Steam Account, Only Paypal! ACCOUNT
  10. There was a time when the limited space of a small form factor PC meant having make compromises, especially when it came to GPUs. But thanks to Zotac you can now get enough power for 4K gaming inside smaller builds, with its GTX 1080 Ti Mini. The new card measures just 8.3 inches in length, a full 2.2 inches shorter than the reference model. And while it does still require two expansion slots, Zotac says the Mini’s compact form factor will fit 99 percent of systems on the market. It may be a bit slower than some full-sized 1080 Ti cards - a base clock of 1506MHz and a boost clock of 1620 MHz – but Zotac’s card still retains the 11 GB of GDDR5 found in the standard versions, and you can always overclock it to squeeze out some extra power. The concern with using such a beefy card in a cramped SFF PC is that it may overheat. It’s a problem Zotac tackles with its custom dual fan cooling system, called IceStorm. The GPU consists of two fans; one 90mm with wide and flat blades, the other 100mm with wide and curved blades. Beneath these sit a block of wide-stack aluminum fins and five 6mm copper heat pipes. The GTX 1080 Ti Mini draws power via two 8-pin PCIe connectors for its 250W rating (a 600W PSU is recommended). And despite its small size, you still get plenty of connectivity options, including three DisplayPort 1.4, one HDMI 2.0b, and one DL-DVI-D port. Zotac didn’t say how much the card will be or when it’ll be available, but Amazon has a listing for $562.49, with a stock arrival date of June 20 -23.
  11. Graphics hardware supplier Nvidia announced at SIGGRAPH 2014 the immediate availability of their Nvidia Visual Computing Appliance (VCA). The Nvidia VCA is the company's network attached GPU accelerated rendering appliance designed to make ultra high performance rendering power available over a network to multiple client workstations. Under Nvidia's remote graphics architecture the VCA handles all of the rendering while the client is used to deliver the display and user input information over the network. This architecture has the advantage of co-locating the processing power and the graphics data so the time consuming task of copying very large files to a graphics workstation is eliminated. The Nvidia VCA features 8 Nvidia high-end GPUs each with: 12GB of RAM per GPU, 23,040 CUDA cores, 256 GB of system memory, an Intel Xeon E5 CPU running at 2.8 GHz, 2TB of SSD storage in a 4U enclosure with 2 1GigE, 2 10GigE, and 1 Infiniband network interfaces. The Linux CentOS-based VCA's computing power coupled with supported rendering software, either Nvidia IRay or Chaos Group V-Ray RT, promise to enhance graphics workflow, allowing designers to see photo-realistic imagery rendered in speeds up to real time. Nvidia is working closely with software vendors to allow the VCA to work with industry standard software such as Autodesk 3ds Max and Maya, McNeel Rhino, Dassault Systemes 3DXCite Bunkspeed and Sketchup. NVIDIA Visual Computing ApplianceAs an example of the system's capabilities, Nvidia mentions French automaker Renault. Using the VCA and IRay, Maya designers were able to do real time visualization of the car designs for executive review. Another example was of a filmmaker who was able to cut down rendering time of a 4k stereo frame from 9.5 hours to 14 minutes using Chaos V-Ray RT on the VCA. The included VCA Manger software allows the system administrator to manage VCA users and their access to computing resources of the VCA, called VCA pools. Different users can be granted differing levels of access to the VCA's resources. Through a browser-based interface, a VCA user can reserve and release VCA pools. Individual VCAs can be disabled by an administrator if problems arise, allowing VCA pool availability to continue undisturbed.
  12. On August 21, Intel announced its new generation of processors. Many were caught by surprise by the arrival of the Intel Core family of eighth generation because the last announced processors, i9, had not yet been fully deployed. However, it was logical. The Intel Core X responds to the evolution of the seventh generation, a generation that has been with us for a year and that touched to renew, especially in the field of ultrabook. The jump of the seventh generation processors (architecture Kaby Lake) with respect to the sixth generation (Skylake architecture) was of 12%. So, based on the cold numbers, the arrival of the eighth generation of Intel is more than justified. The manufacturer claims that these eighth generation chips (Coffee Lake) are 40% more powerful than the seventh generation, which is a much bigger jump than the Kaby Lake seen with the Skylake. In addition, Intel also promises that these new processors are twice as fast as those of 5 years ago. At the moment, the available chips are the two i7 (i7-8650U and i7-8550U) and two i5 (i5-8350U and i5-8250U) chips that boast a revamped Kaby Lake architecture and that we have begun to see in new devices such as Asus ZenBook Flip S, the latest Acer laptops or the Lenovo 920 Yoga, with which we already had a first contact. Now, why do they first come to this type of devices?
  13. it carefully checks the emails in your inbox because the email campaign with attachments that infect your PC with malware has returned to the load. This is warned by the Office of Security of the Internet (OSI) of the National Institute of Cybersecurity (INCIBE), which points out that it is a similar attack to that happened in late August in which criminals deceive the victims into executing a document of malicious Excel. According to the OSI report, the subject of this email is usually Invoice: FACV201700000577, although the last three digits may vary. The content of the message is extremely brief, and only reports that the requested invoice is sent by mail. The message encloses a file called FACV00000-021.xls or similar, which when executed shows an incomplete display, as you can see in the image below. Cybercriminals do this on purpose, and even the document adds indications that it is necessary to enable the content to be able to correctly view the invoice. In case the user clicks the button to enable editing, the installation of a Windows Trojan called Zbot, also known as Zeus, a malware that has been active for many years and of which there are multiple variants, will be carried out in the background. is specialized in the theft of bank data. If you have received a message of this nature and you have fallen into the trap, analyze your computer with anti-virus software as soon as possible to disinfect it, and if you need to contact the INCIBE Response and Support service to help you. To avoid being a victim of such attacks, never download attachments from unsolicited emails and always be wary that the documents ask you to enable macros or leave the protected view.