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  1. Pentru a analiza raportul, creați un subiect nou numit "Report Manager" și publicați modelul de mai jos. ¤ Numele tau: ¤ Numele administratorului reclamat: ¤ Timp: ¤ Cerere de motivare: ¤ Test (Imprimare în consolă sau demo) NOTĂ: Citiți regulile înainte de a începe!
  2. Para que se considere el informe, cree un nuevo tema llamado "Administrador de informes" y publique el modelo a continuación. ¤ Tu nombre: ¤ Nombre del administrador quejado: ¤ Tiempo: ¤ Reclamo de razón: ¤ Prueba (Imprimir en la consola o demostración) NOTA: ¡Lea las reglas antes de iniciar!
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  14. Amazon’s Alexa voice-controlled virtual assistant is the Chatty Cathy of the tech world, a digital darling that consumers can’t get enough of. It can tell chicken jokes, order pizza and turn off the kitchen faucet. So it’s not surprising that Alexa has made the leap from the home to the car. But just as Alexa promises added hands-free convenience for drivers, researchers and engineers warn that it also opens new avenues for hacking, tracking and sonic attacks. Depending on how voice-activated assistants are connected, such hacks could range from annoying pranks like opening a car’s windows in the rain to dangerous attacks like remotely unlocking a house’s doors for a robbery. “As we make everything smarter and more connected,” said Nadir Izrael, chief technology officer of the internet security firm Armis, “we end up creating a huge attack surface on devices, like cars, that weren’t intended.” Last year, Armis discovered one such vulnerability — known as BlueBorne— that exposed billions of connected devices, including Amazon’s Echo and Google’s Home smart speakers, to the possibility of being hijacked by hackers. Cars with Bluetooth were also vulnerable. Cars are a highly lucrative target, said Yoni Heilbronn, chief marketing officer at Argus Cyber Security, which the automotive systems supplier Continental recently acquired. “People are inside these vehicles moving at high speeds, and cars cost a significant amount of money. So how many Bitcoins would you pay a ransomware hacker?” Navigation systems already recognize — often imperfectly — drivers’ voices, and many cars have their own speech-recognition features. Connect a smartphone to a car’s infotainment system, and a driver can have access to features including Apple’s Siri or Google’s Assistant. But in those cases, voice commands are limited. They can’t remotely start a car or open its windows. Siri can’t even change the radio station. Alexa, on the other hand, is intended — via specific, preprogrammed commands — to interact with thousands of connected devices, performing tasks like turning on lights, opening door locks, disabling home security systems or even ordering a year’s supply of toilet paper. And it’s already connecting living rooms to cars. Automakers ranging from BMW, Ford, Hyundai and Nissan to start-ups like Byton have tapped into Alexa’s appeal. Although voice assistants are increasingly becoming intertwined with new models, including those from Mercedes-Benz and Toyota, most current Alexa car skills are strictly one-way, from the home to the car, and use existing automotive smartphone applications. “Alexa piggybacks on our app,” said Denise Barfuss, a senior manager for connected services at Nissan. “So if it’s 25 degrees outside, you can just tell Alexa to start the car” from inside your house to warm it up, she said. Simple Alexa commands can flash the lights or honk the horn, Ms. Barfuss said, but remote instructions that alter the state of the car — such as locking the doors and starting the engine — also require a spoken PIN code. And even though voice bots like Alexa and Google’s Assistant can be taught to recognize different voices — well enough to cater to each family member’s favored Pandora stations, for example — they do not offer any sort of biometric security, such as voice print analysis. As a result, Alexa’s voice-recognition capabilities are not discerning enough for security purposes, according to Amazon. (A company spokesman noted, however, that Amazon had special teams dedicated to continually reviewing and updating the security of its software.) Without such measures, anyone who eavesdropped on a spoken PIN command could use it to unlock and get into a vehicle, leaving a victim to ask, “Alexa, what happened to my car?” Security experts are also concerned about more sophisticated cyberattacks involving voice assistants.