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  1. Welcome to Our Staff #Keep Working hard
  2. Tutorial Rules & Model: Tutorial Rules: The tutorial must helpful the community members. The tutorial title must be '[TURORIAL] "what can i learn from this tutorial" ' (E.X: [TUTORIAL] How to use gradient map, [TUTO] How to make an avatar". The tutorial must be in YouTube server Tutorial Model: Your Name: Tutorial: Stock & Result: Others Details P.S: if you break a rule of these rules, you will be warned with a verbal warning by Global Moderators Regards PennyWise, The GFX-Team
  3. Assistance Rules: You can open a topic here, only if it is about design. If you don't follow the model bellow, your topic will closed by a Moderator/GFX-Designer Assistance Model: Your Name: Your Problem: ScreenShot/Demo: Others Details: P.S: if you break a rule of these rules, you will be warned with a verbal warning by Global Moderators Regards PennyWise, The GFX-Team
  4. Gallery Rules & Info: It's forbidden to post pornographic works. It's forbidden to open a Gallery if you don't use one of these programmes (PhotoShop, Illustrator, Cinema 4D). It's forbidden to reply with "Nice, Wow, Keep Work, Keep it up", you must say your opinion about blur/text/gradient/effects/brushes, Etc. It's forbidden to reply with "Nice. Can you create one for me, Wow. I like it. Create avatar for me, Make a gift for me", Etc. To avoide Double-Post in your gallery, you must post a reply after 24hours of your last reply. Only GFX-Designers that are choosed by community staff is allowed to PIN their Galleries. P.S: if you break a rule of these rules, you will be warned with a verbal warning by Global Moderators Regards PennyWise, The GFX-Team
  5. If an content opened in this section without respecting this model, it will be rejected by an Moderator! Your Name: Your Problem: Screenshot (If it's needed): More informations: If you have a problem about teamspeak3, then don't post it in this section, Teamspeak3 problems is posting in Teamspeak 3 Conten
  6. Hello, A question who all want it's asnwer, How can i be Moderator, And if i'm Moderator, What job should i do? So, Let's Start, To be Moderator, The main things is: Reporting mistakes, For example, As you know it's forbidden to reply in a Gift that you are not the author of it (the gift is not for you), So, if you see someone has reply to a gift that he isn't the author of it (IF HIM IS NOT A STAFF MEMBER), Then you must Report him (You'll find the report button bellow the avatar), Please, Don't report posts that are older than 1 week, And don't forgot to type in your report message the reason (Post-Hunt/Off-Topic/Double-Post/Spamming...). To be Moderator you need to active daily at our official teamspeak 3 server (TS.CSBLACKDEMONS.COM) and forums, I mean with active not "Stay Afk" this is not an activity, Because everyone can stay afk, it's an easy thing. You need to open/bring new ideas at our forums (Proposals). You need to active at F.A.Q daily, and help members which they need your help. You need to avoide mistakes (Post-Hunt/Off-Topic/Double-Post...). You need to Respect others (Respect rules as general). You need to open daily 3 to 5 contents at Free Time/Cs Resources. So, Let's say you got Moderator and you are one of Staff Members now, What is your job, And how can you got upgrade to be Global Moderator?, That's So easy, you need to: Main thing is Reporting Posts, It's neccesery, 2 to 5 Reports per day. Activity is so important, And you need to Reply to proposals. F.A.Q/Design/Free Time: These areas is the contents that you must be much active these, you need to Close/Lock contents and help members. If you does a mistake, it's ok first time, Global Moderators/Administrators will warn you with a PM, But second time you will get Suspend (Remove for 1 week), Third time Removing ! You are not allowed to reply in these contents: Teamspeak3 (Any area of it), Offers for admins (If you are not a manager, if you don't want admin in this server), Carer, Forum TUTORIALS, Report Center (If you are not reported). So, Let's say you are an amazing Moderator and you have good behavoir, How did you can be Global Moderator? Do the same things that you was doing when you was Moderator, But be more active. Best Regards PennyWise , CSBDS Global Moderator.
  7. #ACCEPTED !
  8. #Rejected Follow The Model Next time !
  9. Unbanned T/C
  10. Hello, I think you are proposing that we buy a email website for example (gmail.com) i am sorry that is not possible as for the confirmation you can easily visit your email Account and in it there would be a link which lead you to our forum and your Account Would be confirmed automatically. And Also only 1 email id can be used for 1 user only not for multiple ones.So this Proposal is of no use to our community instead it would be Costly. #Im Against Dont be shy to show us your proposals, we will make sure it is applied if it is for the benefit of our community Regards CSBDS Staff
  11. You Have one Chance To unban Don,t Abuse Or Poke Any Administrators T/C Regard: CSBDS Staff
  12. Good work improve the Text Font Good luck T/C
  13. Congrats
  14. Welcome