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  1. hello i want suggest that when new person make new accout see this message in his imbox : hello you are new member here if you need any help contact me i can help you read rules please to avoid any puinshment have a good nice day and welcome to our community im already when i see new memebr here i send him this messge why i do that to help him how he read rules and avoid puinshment here but i want make that easy that when you make new account see this message and read it to know rules of our community and i see that in more site and other comuinity i dont care for its anyway but i see that very easy to show for new members how they read rules thanks
  2. hi guys im back to csbds
  3. Hello if you want an avatar just follow model given below Text : Ozuna Theme (Give high resolution images) : any pictures Watermark (CSBDS , Csblackdemons ) : CsBlackDemins Only 10 avatars If you dont give high resolution image then ill ignore that request !!
  4. Nice work bro keep it up