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  1. Hello all my opinion: No songs on normal members Make a request for it But it must be in your rules Who is considered to share 60 yada 100 shares name: reguest music
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  5. Delivered in partnership with The Football Association, Premier League Girls Football aims to provide opportunities for females aged 11 and over to take part in the sport in a local community setting. A total of 88 professional clubs run the programme, providing a wide variety of sessions aimed at different audiences, with almost 23,000 women and girls taking part in 2016/17.
  6. Have you ever wondered what the oldest cars in the world are? A quick answer may be the Ford Model T. That is understandable, since one of the few pieces of car history taught in American schools is Henry Ford’s contributions to the mass production of the automobile. Unless you have the desire to delve deep into automotive history, you may not even realize that the internal combustion engine is bit of a johnny-come-lately addition to the automobile, putting the Model T fairly far down the list of oldest cars in the world. Part of becoming a fan of car history is to realize that the oldest cars in the world were powered by steam. The oldest gasoline powered car was not built until 1885, when Karl Benz produced the Benz Patent-Motorwagen. Eventually diesel and gasoline powered internal combustion engines proved to be easier to produce. The engines also proved to be more predictable and reliable to use as well as being more economical to operate. Those qualities have allowed the internal combustion engine to dominate car history. However, that may change as alternative fuels become more attractive to a wider customer base. There were literally thousands of automobiles built before Henry Ford sold his first Model T. So, how do you narrow what could become a very long list? First, we limited our list to vehicles that actually traveled across terrain. We are using the word ”terrain” because streets were limited to large towns and there was no highway system when the first cars and trucks were built. Second, we restricted ourselves to vehicles that there is an existing example of. Third, the vehicle had to be capable of carrying a passenger. That eliminates the earliest electric units that were either small-scale models only or just traveled on a track without an operator. Lastly, we eliminated trains, motorcycles, steamboats, etc… in order to focus on cars and trucks. With all of those factors in mind, these are ten of the oldest cars in the world. 1. Cugnot Fardier A Cugnot Fardier | Musee des Arts et Metiers At the request of French military officials, French inventor and fortifications expert Nicholas Cugnot designed and built the first self-propelled carriage. The first prototype was built in 1769. Designed to tow artillery to the battlefront, its speed was set at three miles per hour so that soldiers could keep pace with it. It could pull a load of five tons and could operate for one hour and fifteen minutes before stopping. The only known example, pictured above, is on display at the Musee des Arts et Metiers in Paris, France. 2. Hancock Omnibus A Hancock Omnibus | Wikimedia The Hancock Omnibus was built by English inventor Walter Hancock and can be considered the first commercially successful steam-powered vehicle in the world! 3. Grenvile Steam Carriage The Grenvile Steam Carriage | Hemmings In 1875, Robert Neville Grenville of Butleigh, Glastonbury, Somerset, United Kingdom began designing his steam carriage. It was an era when most cars were built by hand and were extremely expensive to operate. Grenvile’s carriage looks more like a locomotive than a car, but is only capable of carrying seven passengers. One of the passengers had to feed the steam engine to maintain speed — sometimes you have to pay a price to catch a ride! Incredibly, the vehicle ran as recently as 2009. 4. La Marquise La Marquise | Hemmings Built in 1884 by De Dion-Bouton et Trepardoux for the Count De Dion, La Marquise is a De Dion et Trepardoux Dos-A-Dos Steam Runabout. It has a claim to fame as having won the first automobile race in 1887. De Dion built its competitor as well. It also has the distinction of being the oldest known running automobile. La Marquise was last sold in 2011, setting an auction record for an early automobile when the gavel fell at $4.6 million. The Sotheby’s listing makes quite an interesting read. 5. 1886 Benz Patent-Motorwagen An 1886 Benz Patent Moterwagen | Foter The Benz Patent Motorwagen is generally acknowledged in car history as the first gasoline powered car. Actually built in 1885, it was not patented until 1886. It was powered by a 954 cubic centimeter single-cylinder engine that created two-thirds of a horsepower. Fuel was supplied to the engine through evaporation initially, but Benz added a rudimentary carburetor in later models. He went so far as to add leather brake shoes in 1887. 6. Hammelvognen The Hammelvognen | Wikimedia Built in 1886, the Hammelvognen was the first car built in Denmark. It was powered by a two-cylinder engine capable of three horsepower. It was quite innovative for the time. The Hammelvognen is one of the oldest cars in the world to offer brakes and a reverse gear. It had an estimated top speed of six miles per hour. Can you imagine going that fast over unpaved cobblestone without a suspension system? The original sits in the Danmarke Tekniske Museum. 7. 1889 Daimler-Maybach Stahlradwagen
  7. Sure, celebrities can make or break a movie, but what about a car? Automobiles may not be "emotional" or "alive" per se, but they certainly have been the engine behind quite a few star vehicles (zing!). In honor of the Wonderwall-sponsored upcoming Rally for Kids With Cancer celebrity charity race event, we bring you the most famous cars Hollywood has ever seen. 12. KITT from "Knight Rider": Combine superstar crime-fighter (David Hasselhoff, circa 1982) with KITT, an artificially intelligent car, and what do you get? Eighty-four episodes of butt-kicking, Nielsen ratings gold. It was all champagne wishes and caviar dreams until, of course, the unfortunate YouTube video came out showing KITT, high on Super Unleaded and well past his prime, licking oil out of an alleyway.
  8. SUVs and superminis are set to triumph over the rest of the automotive world as we run down the best new cars due in 2018. Following on from our look at the best new cars for 2017, we have decided to whet your appetite for great cars further, by (you've guessed it) looking at the best cars due in 2018. As SUVs/crossovers and superminis have been dominating UK sales as of late, you can expect a large proportion of our list to fall into those body styles. However, there is still a healthy number of performance coupes and luxury saloons to keep everyone excited. Highlights from beyond UK shores include the new Mercedes A-Class, Audi A1, BMW 8 Series, and Volkswagen Polo. However, there are a few cars from our sunny little island on the way, including the hotly anticipated Jaguar E-Pace and the futuristic I-Pace. • Best new cars for 2017 To keep you up-to-date with all the models arriving in the future, check out our list of the best new cars for 2018 below. The best new cars for 2018 Alfa Romeo ‘5 Series’ rival
  9. Future 2018 Models Set to Arrive in Dealerships 2018 is just around the corner, and many of next year’s cars are already on the streets. We have seen important updates to industry stalwarts like the Toyota Camry, Ford Expedition, and Honda Odyssey, as well as new introductions of some exciting niche products. The car industry doesn't follow the calendar like the rest of us do. Models labeled 2018 can arrive anytime after 2017 starts, and many models in this slideshow are already available well before the 2018 calendar goes up on the wall. While some of these models are all-new, others are redesigns of existing vehicles. That means you might be able to get a great new car deal on the outgoing model as dealers make space for the latest and greatest. Check out our new car deals page for more info. Check out the following slides to get a taste of what’s coming and get a look at anything you might have missed.
  10. ¤ Name in game: FiNe ¤ Age: 17 ¤ Name: Aymen ¤ City: Setif ¤ Country: Algeria ¤ Favorite Games:Cs1.6 ¤ A short description about you: I am Very Old In cs1.6 and Csbd And Now I want Be here Global Moderator To help CsBlackDemond ¤ How did you find CsBlackDemons: By Friends (: ¤ A picture of you (if you already have one and want to post):-