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  1. This noob Adminstrator Wtf!

  2. hello CsblackDemons my opinion All members of csblackdemons In a normal position I want to write country names so that everyone can see which country they are affiliated with for example @-Sn!PeR-: Marroco Algeria: FiNe LaZa Rov!:Tunisia! etc!! This suggestion will help all members of CSBDS!
  3. At least 50 Nigerian schoolgirls are still missing after an attack on a boarding school by Boko Haram jihadists, the local governor says. Militants raided their school on Monday evening, but many of the students and staff had fled before they arrived. It was initially thought that the girls had escaped but two days later, their whereabouts are still not known. The attack comes four years after Boko Haram kidnapped more than 270 girls from a school in the town of Chibok. That triggered a global campaign to try and rescue the so-called Chibok girls!
  4. Five police officers and a soldier have been shot dead during a raid on their station in South Africa's Eastern Cape province. In a statement, the South African Government News Agency said three officers were killed instantly. The off-duty soldier was shot as the assailants fled, taking two other officers hostage. Their bodies were found 6km (4 miles) down the road. A government statement said both men had been shot "execution style".
  5. North Korea's Kim Yo-jong baby rumours fascinate South! The sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un told officials in the South that she was pregnant during a recent visit to the Winter Olympics, South Korean media report. There has been no confirmation from the South of Kim Yo-jong's reported comments, which are attributed to unnamed government sources. But the intense speculation highlights the fascination with the North's opaque power structures and whether or not Ms Kim is indeed expecting shows just how little is known about the North's ruling dynasty.
  6. Survivors of a Florida school shooting that left 17 people dead are marching in the state capital to press lawmakers to take more action on gun control. Dozens of students packed into a room at the statehouse to meet legislators. It is the first organised protest of the youth-led anti-gun movement that has swept the US since the attack. Thousands of Florida students walked out of their classrooms in solidarity with survivors on Wednesday morning, according to local media reports. There were also reports that hundreds of students from Maryland travelled to the US Capitol in Washington during the school day to call for gun reform. Six radical ways to stop US school shootings Florida survivor: 'I'm not an actor' "We're here to ask for change and we're confident change will happen," said Noah Kaufman, 16, "We know the issues, and we know who is with us and who isn't."
  7. Nick: FiNe Ip: Unique ID: bQ7uMx0XgSxQm9UZPjr84kuSmNM= Who Prohibited: KH@N Details: Banned me without reason i really i didn't abuse him he ban client just for fun! Photo: Reason: Banned me just for fun!
  8. Hello CsBlackDemons My Best Friends I want to share a idea , about the Reactions and how can we use them now. At GFX area i see alot of tnaks for your time and other words. My idea is to replace those words with the reaction "Thanks" that is now on CSBDS , not only in GFX Area but in area where we ask Help to avoid the Replys like "thank you" "i like it" , we use the reactions more. Thank You (:
  9. Hello!

    Add Song that you like it in your Profil :)

  10. Welcome To CSBDS HF/GL!
  11. Hello! We already have report center! so we do not need this Button report! I'm against! Please Post a proposal that can Help CSBDS! But Thank you for your proposal! in this way you show that you are interested in Community's development. Don't be shy to bring us more new ideas, even if this one was not applied!
  12. Hello! Just I give to him advice! to be more carful next time!
  13. Man read the rules! you can't close topic's before Adminstrators replied!! And you can't Close Proposals Only Adminstrators and Global Moderators Can! Your job is Close Help [Members] and [Sell Trade Buy] If don't work I mean No reply in 24H ! Please Read the rules to avoid this Things!
  14. Hello, My proposal today is simple (making a model for proposals section) Thats will let proposal more tidy and will help members to understand the proposals Example: Nick: Your proposal: how this proposal will help the community: pictures(if the proposal require): I hope my proposal can help CSBDS
  15. ¤ Name in game: FiNe ¤ Age:17 ¤ Name:Aymen ¤ City: Algiers ¤ Country:Algeria ¤ Favorite Games:Cs1.6 ¤ A short description about you: - ¤ How did you find CsBlackDemons: By You FoX I want Stay here in csblackdemons Forever! I hope I can get Global Moderators ¤ A picture of you (if you already have one and want to post):