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  1. thx bro i like this
  2. thanks good !
  3. Congrat
  4. Nombre Del Solicitante: CR7 Nombre Del Miembro Que Se Queja: R K O Motivo De Queja:he insult me x3 Hora/ Fecha: just now Prueba (OBLIGATORIA): first insult second insult and insult my Works of Gfx
  5. Thx bro i like this @Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili
  6. hay i need 1 gfx battle with u. i wann see u r Design.

    i hope  accept my challenge ,

    GL :)


    1. -Architect™


      Accept or not ?

    2. CR7


      ok i accept but go first make battle and i accept it mean !

  7. thx for you job is good !
  8. Hello guys im have zp 6.2 and Addons but dont know how add my Addons in my cs for play with zm cant help me? how add Addons zp 6.2 in my cs?¿
  9. Hello ardijan when now no cant come ts but when i cant i want contact ok reason:for my co-owner in sv ok mean?¿

    1. Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili

      Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili

      Du you anything to connyme only pm 

  10. hello guys lack 4 days for the best day of my life is my Birthay of 07/03/1993 i want dor CSBDS Renember me :P:P

  11. hello my love come ts3,u dont respond more me in ts i sad for you :(

  12. Congratulations bro u deserve Its
  13. Good Night Guys !

    Buenas Noches Chicos !

  14. Congratulations @# R K O @Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili u`s deserve it guys
  15. Hello Guys plss Need Contact with @Defend- CSBDS for a question

    1. KaMiKaZi


      Talk with him in ts