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  1. Congrats for Global Moderator and don't say this word I don't Acitiv on here Grade and @Defend- CSBDS good job nice grade to RKO and I think you not see my acitiviy on here 


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    2. # R K O

      # R K O

      we will see dude

      we will remove who no activity 

    3. Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili

      Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili

      Come in ts3 I need u

    4. Crystal


      Who cares activity?? BE SERIOUS!

  2. Where is staff 

    I no see anyone work here

    Please activity guys

    1. KaMiKaZi


      some kids ...

      like this #Dreen 

      also he was Helper in Other community


    2. # R K O

      # R K O

      he is remove

  3. Guide is unclear.
  4. Hello dude some no have many and we need to give members free Profile song for like froum.
  5. Hello guys. i think this proposal not good for some love profile song and i sure some come to froum for profile song is free. we need here good staff and good Member and we need This froum be the best let's Members like this froum Let's profile song Free. My Respect's # R K O
  6. happy Birthday
  7. Great designer :)

    I likes ur works 

    1. # R K O

      # R K O


  8. you will get help here good luck.
  9. Congratulations for Moderator 

    1. # R K O

      # R K O



      i want tell you i no care for grades here

      i just here for helping.

  10. @Defend- CSBDS
  11. I HOPE ALL Like it @Defend- CSBDS
  12. I Hope all like it @Defend- CSBDS & @ShinChan & @sheryar_founder & @P E N N Y #wise & @P I X O U & @Ardijan "Ard.#" Alili & @KaMiKaZi - - - - - -
  13. @ShinChan & @P I X O U <3 -
  14. Congrats