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      CsBlackDemons - Selling ZMOUT/ZP 6.2   02/05/2018

        Recommended due to the high level of professional development and configuration, designed to create a luxurious atmosphere of the most played game in the world, we help lovers zombie mode and offer for sale Addons Zombie Plague Zmout / 6.2 Servers witch are using these addons: - ZmHardNight.CsBlackDemons.Com - ZP 6.2 Prices: ZP OUTSTANDING- 20 EURO   Pakistani  3000 Rupees ZP 6.2 - 70 EURO   Pakistani  10000 Rupees Payment can also be paid by installments. For purchases and more information about this addons contact us: Facebook: ejazalbalushi125 Or contact another administrator from CSBDS via PM!


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      The most successful servers all over the world, hosted by our partners CSBDS The are taken over by Ejaz CSBDS™ and sheryar_founder
      Note: We recommend this servers due to the high level of development and professional configuration designed to create a luxurious atmosphere of the most played title in the world.

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      Following the affiliation of the servers present in this category, we ensure an increased and beneficial utility in the development of the entire community by guaranteeing a safe and enjoyable environment in the game, a greater amount of useful information from newcomers, the ability to meet capable people , Intelligent and not only.

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      „Music is a language that can reflect, beyond any and hypocrisies, psychological traits of human and nations.” - George Enescu

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